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Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Cost. How much is this going to cost me?

When your vehicle experiences a chip, crack, or worse damage, the last thing you’ll want to do is wait to call an auto glass repair place because the damage can worse if it’s just a chip or small crack. You also likely don’t want to spend money on it.  At Rock Star Auto Glass, we make it easy for you so you can get back on the road safely and as quickly as possible.

Most importantly, don’t wait! If it’s a chip or crack, we can save you money with a quick repair before it spreads. If it’s a whole window replacement you need, we can come to you same-day and make your problem a thing of the past!

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Repairs and replacements can be made with or without insurance claims.

Here are the options:

Pay with insurance

You may not even know that windshield repair or replacement is often fully covered by basic comprehensive auto insurance. To make the process easy, we work closely with most of America's major insurance companies, so we can take care of your insurance claim for you. That’s right.. you don’t even have to make a call to your insurance company to file the claim.  It’s hassle-free. We aim to make this the least painful process imaginable.

Pay on your own

You may choose to not file a claim with your insurance, or if you don’t have comprehensive coverage, you will be responsible for the auto repair or replacement cost. This price may vary based on the size of the damage and vehicle type, but a great way to determine the price of your windshield damage is to get a quote from us first. We offer no-pressure assistance and resources to help you understand what you’re likely looking at from a cost perspective.

What People Say About Us

"Had my windshield repaired on my Range Rover.  He showed up on time and was very professional.  will definitely use him again"

Xaveir Johnson

I took my car to Rock Star. It was the first and hopefully last time I ever have to get a new windshield but if I do I'm definitely going back to them. Highly recommend.

Chris Reynolds

Great Service! I had my windshield replaced and I can’t tell the difference other than the crack being gone. Thanks so much. I will use the service again.

Jacqueline Ahmad